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Whether you’re looking to add Hair Extensions to add volume and length to your existing look, or you want to add Extensions for an upcoming Wedding or Event, Extreme Looks can help you achieve your desired look! We have been specializing in Hair Extensions since we opened our doors. We have several customers throughout the Capital Region who’ve put their trust in us to provide the absolute best in service when it comes to Hair Extensions, and everytime, we’ve delivered on our promise to provide unmatched service.
100% Remy Hair

Hair Extensions made from poor quality hair can not only damage your original hair, but they will not look natural, nor will they last as long as extensions made from high quality hair. Extreme Looks Hair Extensions are done with DreamCatchers extensions, which are made from a unique blend of Remy hair which means that the cuticles are intact and the hair runs from root to point. This gives the hair an incredible silky manageable quality and feel that will truly amaze you. Hair that is fine, lifeless or short will be transformed into thick, long, beautiful looking hair.

Extreme Looks Hair Extensions

100% Silicone Free

They are also 100% silicone free. Unlike the glue-in systems which are usually dipped in silicone to create the illusion of silky shiny hair (which washes out and drops performance dramatically after a few washes), DreamCatchers hair is of such a premium quality that they perform without losing their luster.

Hair Extensions Extreme Looks
Hair Extensions Tip

The Secret

Unique I-TIP

DreamCatchers hair quality is so amazing, you definitely wouldn’t want to just throw it away after a few months. DreamCatchers have come up with a tipping system (exclusive to DreamCatchers) called I-Tip, that is made of a polyurethane (rubberized material) that doesn’t damage the extensions, or your hair.
Hair Extensions Tip
The I-Tip allows you to re-use the same extensions month after month (in some cases 2 years or more with proper follow up tightening appointnments), so our clients get the extended enjoyment of amazing looking hair.


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